COVID-19 misinformation led to a bride missing her wedding and dying

Such incredibly sad news is the standard these days.

Surgical technician Samantha Wendell was wrongly concerned that a COVID-19 vaccine would impact her ability to have a child. She and her finance delayed getting their vaccinations, and unfortunately, they were both infected.

Wendell did not survive.

FOX32 Chicago:

Eskew said that the reason they had not gotten vaccinated earlier was the deluge of misinformation circulating about the shots. While he said he was not completely certain where Wendell may have seen it, Eskew said his fiancé became hesitant after seeing false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine making women lose their fertility.

One of the most common misleading rumors regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is that it will impact fertility, which experts say is not based on fact and has been repeatedly debunked. It is believed that the false report first surfaced on social media and included misinformation about the spike protein associated with coronavirus.

Snopes on COVID-19 vaccines and fertility