Commercial for Rocks & Bugs & Things — a line of really awesome toys from the '80s

Rocks & Bugs & Things was a line of awesome toys from the '80s. This commercial is my first time seeing this line of toys, and I know my younger self would have been obsessed with them.

Even though I'm a grown adult, I would like to play with these toys asap.

Many of the toys look like alien creatures and have a great vintage charm to their design. It's too bad that they don't make toys like this anymore.

From YouTube:

"Sometime in the 1980's they made a smash hit toy line called "Rocks & Bugs & Things." If you don't want to collect these things after watching this awesome, taped from the VCR commercial, you are dead inside. If you go out and get a bowl haircut like the kid who looks like a young Peter Tork then you are a psychopath. Enjoy!!!!!!"