Gunmen disguised as lawyers shoot murder suspect in courtroom

Today in New Delhi, Jitender Gogi—allegedly involved in 19 murders and attempted murders—appeared in Rohini Court for a hearing. After the court proceedings began though, two men, thought to be lawyers involved in the case, opened fire and killed Gogi. From NDTV:

"Two from rival gang opened fire at Jitender Gogi inside the court. The police acted swiftly and killed both the assailants," Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana told NDTV.

According to the police, when Gogi was brought to the court, with heavy police escort, two attackers dressed as practising lawyers, complete with "collar band, black blazer and trouser and black shoes", suddenly started firing at him. 

I wonder if the shooters were posing as attorneys for the defense or the prosecution.

image: screengrab from NDTV video