Jen Psaki pops Doocy's bubble when he asks why Biden doesn't venture to the border

Perhaps pining for another border mockumentary à la Ted Cruz, who in March braved the wild shores of the US-Mexico border in a canoe (trailer at bottom), Fox's Peter Doocy had his head in the clouds when he asked, "Why hasn't President Biden ever visited the southern border?" (Video below.)

To which Press Secretary Jen Psaki, in no mood, answered with both feet on the ground: "What would you like him to do at the southern border, and what impact do you think that would have on the policies?"

Having no answer to this, Doocy floats his question again. "Why doesn't he want to go?"

"I don't think it's an issue of wanting to go, I think it's an issue of what's most constructive to address what we see as a challenging situation at the border and a broken immigration system," Psaki explains.

"In his view, the most constructive role we can play is by helping to push immigration reform forward, helping reform the broken policies of the last several years, and listening to his team of advisors who have been to the border multiple times…"

In other words, Biden isn't on Cancun time and doesn't have the luxury of travel for the sake of photo ops.