These USPS mail carriers must prove they can repeatedly jump on and off a moving boat

Every year, six "mail jumpers" are hired every summer to repeatedly leap on and off a big moving boat to deliver mail to around 60 homes on Wisconsin's Geneva Lake. Below is a news report on local youth vying for this odd job. The mail jumping began in the late 19th century before roads were built around the lake. From Wikipedia:

The Lake Geneva Cruise Lines has operated the boat since 1916. It takes approximately 160 tourists along. Most mail runs are at full capacity. Jumpers are expected to be able to speak as tour guides as the tour passes historic summer houses and Yerkes Observatory. The jumpers are privately hired by the cruise line and they work closely with the U.S. Postal Service. The Walworth II is the only mail jumping boat in the United States. Mail has been delivered this way since 1873. A local resident said "There was a time during the war when everyone really counted on the mailboat. We didn't have TV and computers and all of that, so everyone would gather to meet the mailboat.

(via Oddity Central)