Watch this amazing short animated documentary about the hunt for Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962), was an officer in the German Nazi Party who supervised the Holocaust and killed millions of Jews. After the war, he forged a new identity (Ricardo Klement) and escaped to Argentina, and sent for his family to live with him. He got a job working for Mercedes-Benz.

This powerful and suspenseful animation tells the story of how Eichmann was captured by Israeli agents in Argentina, brought to Jerusalem, tried, and hanged in 1962. 

The gripping story is presented in the form of animated pen sketches and narrated from the point of view of Mossad agent Zvi Aharoni, who lost most of his family in the Holocaust and was a key member in the operation to capture Eichmann.

Told through the experience of Israeli Mossad agent Zvi Aharoni, the film documents the discovery and capture of Adolf Eichmann, the senior Nazi official largely responsible for organizing and executing the Holocaust. Hidden for 15 years half a world away, and living under an assumed identity, Eichmann is tracked down by Aharoni and the agent, with a small team in tow, must design and execute a strategy for Eichmann's capture and extradition.

[via Nag on the Lake]