What is the tastiest apple?

Thrillest bit into 20 varieties of eating apples, ranking them from worst (Red Delicious) to best (Braeburn). My favorite, the Fuji, comes in at a respectable fourth place.

  1. Fuji
    "Really Good With a Dark Secret"
    大好きだね! These Japanese apples developed by Tohoku Research Station in the 1930s are mild and completely reasonable, a treat on their own and the perfect accompaniment to Greek yogurt. For as lovely as Fuji apples are, they come with a dark secret, much like the knowledge that K-pop icons BTS's absolute banger "Best of Me" was produced by The Chainsmokers: This apple exists because the Virginia Ralls Genet was crossbred with, yes, the Red Delicious. For this reason, I must insist that Fuji apples be secured via trusted sources to avoid great disappointment with its hideous past.

This description doesn't mention how crispy Fujis are!

[image: MarkusHagenlocherOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0]

[via Neatorama]