A fine art photographer has taken daily selfies since 1982

Fine art photographer Nancy Floyd has been photographing herself almost daily since 1982. From those images, she's curated a selection of 2,500 photos in a collection titled Weathering Time. Now published as a book, the project is a stunning meditation on life, time, and also technology. From Floyd's artist statement:

It's not just the body that changes: Fashions and hairstyles evolve; pets come and go; typewriters, analog clocks, and telephones with cords disappear; and finally, film gives way to digital and the computer replaces the darkroom. While Weathering Time is a personal archive, and I am mining the archive to address issues of the female body, the family snapshot and loss, I am also interested in producing images that suggest some of the experiences of my generation. Indeed, the photographs underscore the cultural, technological, and physical changes that have occurred over the past thirty-five years—from my youth to the dawn of my old age.

(via David Katznelson's essential Signal newsletter)