Chinese brand in trouble for selling little kids shirts with "Welcome to hell" and "Let me touch you" prints

Chinese clothing company JNBY is in trouble for selling little kids shirts printed with a pattern of grim reaper doodles, the words "Welcome to hell" and "Let me touch you" and other creepy art. Apparently this isn't the first, er, controversial design that the company has offered. From BBC News:

For example, a black coat allegedly had an image of a person being shot by arrows, along with the words: "The whole place is full of Indians. I will take this gun and blow them to pieces."[…]

JNBY put out the apology on the Instagram-like app Xiaohongshu, saying it had received complaints about "inappropriate prints" on its clothing and was sorry for it.

It added that the brand's design philosophy has always been "freedom of imagination", and that its original intention was to put out more "unique" creations.

"But we also understand that what's most important is to pass on good values," the company said, saying that it has treated the incident as a "warning".