Covid victim who got double-lung transplant now thinks vaccines are a good idea

Blake Bargatze (25) from Georgia didn't want to get a vaccine. His mother told WXAI, "He wanted to wait until it was out like 10 years or so, kind of like a lot of the population wants it to be out longer."

Unfortunately Bargatze's hesitancy cost him both his lungs. Covid "just ate away my lungs," he told Insider. "They literally looked up like chewed up pieces of bubblegum by the time they took them out. They were riddled with holes. I was just fortunate enough to not have multiple organ failures." Bargatze received a double lung transplant and currently takes 50 pills a day as part of his medical treatment.

He says he has receive both doses of the Covid vaccine and in encouraging others to do so. "I'm trying to make people become more aware of what realistically can happen with this virus. It's just not worth the risk," he told Insider.

[Photo by  Andrej Mitin  on  Scopio]