Enhance your video calls with XSplit VCam Premium, now 40% off

Video conferencing has become a necessity, as working from home has grown by 173% since 2005. With all of these people working from home, virtual backgrounds during video calls have never been more important. A virtual background is the easiest way to avoid cleaning up your messy office, add some creativity to your boring work call, and see yourself in your dream location without having to book a vacation. 

Picking a virtual background software is just as important as the background you pick, if not more. You wouldn't want a background glitch replacing your head with the Golden Gate Bridge during your big job interview, would you? There's a lot that goes into creating a clean virtual background that won't be disturbed by your hand gestures or your cat running across your keyboard, and XSplit VCam can help.

XSplit VCam Premium helps you avoid all of the glitches and disturbances that most virtual background providers overlook, leaving you with a clean and neat background that you can customize to fit your personality and environment. But that's not all you can do! XSplit VCam also offers background removal, blurring, and video backgrounds so you have full control over how you customize your background. 

The app's advanced background manipulation technology allows you to go about your meeting without looking like a pre-2000's computer animation. You can use it for podcasts, vlogs, talk shows, or other video projects without paying for expensive green screens, complicated lighting setups, and tons of space. 

Best of all, XSplit VCam is easy to use, compatible with most video chat software, and even allows you to use your mobile device as a webcam. It's never been easier to trick your coworkers into thinking you're working from a tropical beach. 

The XSpit VCam lifetime subscription is on sale for $29, but as a part of our VIP Sale, you can take an extra 40% off by applying coupon code VIP40 at checkout. That drops your final price down to just $17.40.