Increase your IQ and improve your memory with these Grandmaster-led chess courses

Have you ever wanted to play chess like a pro or organize that junk drawer (we all have one) in your home? Playing chess can help you do both while improving organization skills and productivity levels. The game improves IQ, memory, enhances reading skills, exercises both hemispheres of the brain, and so much more. Playing chess enhances strategic thinking. When you plan better, it's easier to make your next move in life. 

Chess is for all ages. In fact, The U.S. Senior Championship is a national championship that features ten of the strongest chess players in America. Players are over the age of fifty! Playing chess throughout life has significant long-term health benefits. The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study that found that people in their seventies who engaged in brain-stretching activities like chess are less likely to develop dementia than those who don't play.

But you don't have don't wait until your seventies to gain the benefits of chess. Whether you're a beginner or expert, the iChess Vault Premium Course Library can help. This top-rated chess training resource has over 1,500 hours of premium chess instruction from top players and chess masters. Perfect for players of every level, the collection has 238 lessons that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Each lesson guides players to learn chess strategy, tactics, and more. Within hours, you'll learn how to uncover the most common tactical patterns in the most aggressive openings in the game. Whether you plan to learn by yourself or with family and friends, world champions like Susan Polgar are a few clicks away from showing you how to become a better player.

Chess is more relevant today than ever before. The world celebrated The Queen's Gambit after the series launched on Netflix. The show earned the title of #1 Trending. Viewers learned that chess is more than a game. Chess is a fun, creative art that improves life. Everyone wins when they play chess.

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