Oklahoma City pastor charged after man claims to see him fondling kids at bus stop and chases him down

A 9-year-old told his father that a jogger was "touching boys" at a bus stop and making them feel uncomfortable. The father parked his vehicle near the bus stop as kids waited for the school bus and, KWXT reports, observed the jogger in flagrante, then chased him down and assaulted him. The handsy jogger turned out to be a local pastor; he was charged with forcible fondling and lewd acts involving a child.

When police arrived at the scene, the man who assaulted Coghill told officers he recently learned Coghill was touching boys at the bus stop and that it had happened more than once, according to the police incident report.

The report is redacted to protect the identity of the father and the victim, described only as a 9-year-old boy. Fox News and News 9 both report the man who assaulted Coghill is the father of the 9-year-old victim. The boy allegedly told the father that Coghill would jog to the bus stop regularly and touch his back in a way that made him feel uncomfortable, the report states.

The father told police he decided to park his vehicle near the bus stop to investigate.