Stay smiling with the Happy Pack, the ultimate smoker's fanny pack

Whether it's a music festival or your buddy's backyard, a little cannabis never fails to bring people together. But your purse and backpack simply aren't designed to carry delicate smoking accessories, like rolling papers or filters, and if these things get damaged, your good time is bound to be a bummer.

No matter where you're headed, carrying your smoking essentials shouldn't be a hassle, which is why the Happy Pack is a total must-have clothing accessory. True to its name, this all-in-one smoker's fanny pack is sure to put a big smile on anyone's face, as it has everything a marijuana maven would want on hand. 

The Happy Pack is a complete smoking accessory kit and includes a plastic grinder, rolling paper, filter tips, a hitter, a doob tube, and a metal poker. And, of course, you can always fit in your grass of choice. But don't worry, the fanny pack is designed to be smell-resistant, so no one has to know exactly what you're carrying in there. 

In addition to your smoking accessories, the Happy Pack also holds anything else you need to keep handy, all thanks to its double-zippered compartment, two front pockets, and hidden rear zippered pocket. It even boasts a jack for your headphones that lets you listen to tunes and answer calls on the go without ever having to take out your phone. And with its 50-inch adjustable waistband, the fanny pack can fit just about anyone. 

Whether it's a birthday present for your favorite smoker in your life or a treat for yourself, everyone loves the Happy Pack. And just like all the other high-rated smoking accessories by The Happy Kit, this adult-friendly fanny pack always makes whoever wears it, well, happy! 

Get the Happy Pack: The Ultimate All-in-One Smoker's Fanny Pack for $33.99 with code VIP15.