This giant antique 6-foot-tall accordion is being auctioned off

This ginormous accordion is being auctioned off by Hessink's in the Netherlands next month. Here's the description:

Italy, ca. 1920 Maker: Scandalli 133 buttons, 199 keys and 916 bass accordion, with red and gold glitter celluloid case, mounted on a stand with four small wheels. Hight: 1.9

Meters Note:  One of the largest accordions in the world, the big Fiers was specially built by Scandalli for Joseph Fiers, a gifted accordionist, who traveled and preformed all over Europe together with the famous Swiss clown Charles Adrien Wettach, also known as Grock.

1.9 Meters. This is a fucking six-foot tall accordion. And the starting bid is only €50 ! I'm kind of tempted.

Here's another shot of a similar Scandalli giant accordion in action:

Lot 1011: The Big Fiers by Scandalli, 332 916 [Hessink's]