Watch these mouth-watering street snack tours of Tokyo

My wife and I really enjoy watching Satoshi and Shinichi of the YouTube channel TabiEats as they test and sample all kinds of foods from Japan. Fancy restaurants, take out food, prepackaged snacks from 7-11 and Lawsons, street foods in various cities around Japan—at any price point, these long-time 'Tubers always make it interesting and fun. They also do walk-arounds of different streets and neighborhoods and often find out-of-the-way, Showa era-looking shops and restaurants. During this time of COVID it's great to have this resource for vicarious travel…and snacking!

(In a bit of culture vulture turn-about, there's also a fun episode of them traveling to NYC and trying the corned beef and pastrami at Katz's Deli. Native Japanese Satoshi's reaction to his very first taste of real pastrami is priceless: "…it has much beef UMAMI flavor!")