How I became financially stable by using this online course platform

Since graduating from my master's program in 2019, I've been feeling a little stale in the brainwave department. Sure, I learn on the job, and I do trainings like they're running out of style, but sometimes I'd like to learn something outside the scope of my employment. Something new, something that I may never use but can still find interest in. 

So I went to the number one wealth of knowledge, where professors, doctors, and other pretty scholarly folks alike come together to bring academia to people when they need it most: Google. I searched for things like free courses provided by higher education institutions for those who don't want to wrack up more student loan debt, but that was kind of moot; the stuff I found intriguing still required structured classroom time which I cannot commit to (working full-time 60 hours a week while taking care of a newborn will do that to a person.)

And then, just when I thought I'd be pigeonholed into a circle of paying hefty fees for higher education-level learning, StackSkills Unlimited popped on my virtual doorstep, so I decided to give it a try.

Okay, so what is this thing?

StackSkills is the easiest way to get your noggin moving without taking out a second mortgage on your home for classes that you're unsure will be utilized down the road. With instant access to a pre-selected library of over 1,000 courses, I was able to navigate away from the norm of my day-to-day job and learn about something exciting. Not that I don't love my day job, but where else would I find this many courses for the same amount of money I spend in a week on lunch?

Beyond that, using StackSkills allowed me to pick up some extra change for when my baby is ready to make her debut. As many new moms face, my full-time company does not offer maternity leave. You can take 12 weeks off as per state FMLA regulations, but they are completely unpaid. Where I was once worried about how my little family was going to afford things like food and formula over those 12 weeks, StackSkills provided me with some extra smarts to put in my resume so I could pick up a part-time freelance gig while I bond with my new best friend.

Are there any other perks?

There sure are! Not only will you receive those courses, but you'll also score over 50 new ones each month, making learning an ongoing pleasure. And, if just reading from a book, manuscript, or slideshow isn't your bag, you can still benefit from StackSkills. That's because the deal also includes things like quarterly instructor Q&A webinars and easy-to-use progress tracking. So even if you're a hands-on learner like I am, you can still enjoy the perks of StackSkills while not falling asleep at the keyboard.

Over 350 qualified instructors will bring you up to speed on topics like IT, development, graphic design, finance, business, marketing, and just about anything else you're ready to sink your teeth into. I personally bulked up some online presence skills that I was able to turn into social media resume buffers, which landed me a digital marketing side hustle. I'm not looking to leave my full-time, but if I was, I would look more intricately into using StackSkills. The wealth of knowledge here can very make me proficient, if not an expert, in a field I would want to master without pursuing another Master's Degree that may not even help me one day.

What are people saying about it?

Still unsure? I get that, because I too was used to paying beaucoup bucks on conventional higher education to get where I needed to be in life. But then I saw what the head honchos in tech were saying about StackSkills, and it convinced me to give it a shot.

"StackSkills is an online learning platform that allows you full access to courses on in-demand skills."– NBC News

"StackSkills Unlimited plan offers a lifetime access to over 1,000 courses that will help you get promoted, change careers or start a side hustle." – Engadget

"Lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited empowers you to discover your potential."- PCMag

Hearing all of this really gave me the drive to push that button and jumpstart some new skills I thought I never could.

So, what's this lifetime access all about?

The last piece to this puzzle that I was really sold on was the idea of lifetime access to the courses. Life comes at you fast, and welcoming a newborn into the world means I won't have time to go to the bathroom unbothered, let alone sit down at a desk and take some courses interruption-free.

The lifetime access works manyfold: If life sidetracks you, not only can you put down a course that you've been working on, but the new courses that show up monthly keep rolling in. So, even if you forget you own the subscription years later, you can still come back to learn something new while enjoying access to more courses than you left it with. 

TL;DR, would you recommend this?

Absolutely, 100,000%. StackSkills allowed me to take my life back during a time of financial uncertainty. It's also given me the opportunity to intellectually spread my wings and make learning fun again rather than just something you have to do for a higher pay grade. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. 

Right now, you can get lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited for just $35.40 when you use code VIP40 at checkout.