"The Hasher's Delirium" is a surreal cartoon from 1910

"The Hasher's Delirium" is an animated cartoon from 1910 by the French animator Émile Cohl.

Cohl lived from 1857 to 1938, and was a caricaturist of the Incoherent Movement, a short-lived and largely forgotten Parisian art movement which was a precursor to many of the art techniques and philosophies associated with the Dada movement and the Avant-garde.

I love the set-up of this animation. A man is sitting on the ground against a black background, watching various things appear inside of a white glowing orb. I like watching him watch the things that appear in the orb, like creepy goblin faces and devils. In the end, the man himself gets sucked into the white orb and stretched out like a wad of silly putty.