Watch: Trumper who says we're at war with China proudly wears a cap made in China

When a confused gentleman, repeating propaganda from the likes of Newsmax, says "We have been 'ilfitrated' with Marxist Chinese communist propaganda," Jason Selvig, the "right-wing reporter" he's talking to, asks to see the man's "F––K Biden" cap.

Looking at the tag inside of the hat, comedian Selvig then asks, "And it's made in … What's PRC?"

"Not real sure," the Trumper says. "It ain't China though, so I'm feeling like that's a victory."

"Yeah," Selvig agrees. "It couldn't be People's Republic of China. So anyway, you were saying we're at war with China."

The Qnut/MAGA crowd sure makes Selvig's job easy.