This bike lock might be just hard enough to remove to be an effective deterrent

As we know most bike locks are merely there for show, or to make it more difficult to get yours than the bike next to you. Gear Junkie tested the new Hiplok D1000, designed to withstand angle grinders. Reputedly it turns their blades into dust.

Gear Junkie did get through, but it took a LOT of work:

After 45 seconds, my blade was gone, leaving only a small 1.5mm-deep groove in the shank. I grabbed another blade … then another … then another.

Five blades later, I was almost all the way through! I then used a pry bar and hammer to break through the last part to save myself some wasted grinder blades.

Finally, I was through.

But there was an issue. Hiplok built the D1000's lock shank rectangular — thus, neither I nor a thief could rotate the lock body. This is important because it means you have to cut both sides. It took another five-plus blades!

Check out the full post on Gear Junkie for videos.