Watch: This updated "I'm Just a Bill" reflects the new circus of Capitol Hill

In the olden days, Schoolhouse Rock!'s "I'm Just a Bill" taught kids all they needed to know about the steps a young bill must take on Capitol Hill take to become a full-fledged law. But that was then, this is now.

Politico has updated the animated musical lesson to reflect the nearly impossible White, er, Fun House journey a bill must now take to go, well, nowhere actually.

From Politico, two days before the Schoolhouse revamp went live:

"Schoolhouse Rock!"lied to us. The '70s-era educational series helped teach me and a lot of other people about the legislative process, whether you saw it on a VHS tape in school or on Disney+. "I'm Just a Bill" (and its catchy lyrics) made it all seem so simple for bills to pass Congress and become law.

The thing is, the infrastructure bill, the reconciliation plan, debt limit and government funding are all on the congressional agenda this week, and "Schoolhouse Rock!" never even came close to preparing us for the level of intraparty drama between Democrats or Nancy Pelosi's legislative maneuvers to try to keep the Biden agenda on track.

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Original "I Am a Bill":