Kickstart SLAUGHTER PARTY, a one-shot RPG inspired by slasher films

Do you ever wish you could live in a Slasher Film? Do you really think you'd be the one to make better decisions, like not splitting up, and not going down to the basement, and not sneaking off to for a little death (that's a sex joke)? Slaughter Party is a new RPG that lets you do just that, with a module for creating a new custom Leatherface-like killer every time you play (with the help of a handy D12). Here's the synopsis:

You and your friends just wanted to have a fun weekend at your cousin's lake house, drink some beers, party a little, maybe even get lucky. Now half your friends are dead and you're running through the woods with a knife wielding maniac in a mask chasing you!

Slaughter Party is a zine-length survival-horror game based on Escape from Dino Island by Sam Tung and Sam Roberts, utilizing the Powered by the Apocalypse game system. The game draws inspiration from classic 80's and 90's slasher movies and puts YOU in the role of the teen protagonists.

Slaughter Party is designed for 3–6 players to tell a single, chilling story over the course of 1 session lasting 3-4 hours. You'll spend your time running and hiding from the Slasher, the nigh-unstoppable crazed killer hunting you down. Can you figure out the mystery behind this gruesome kill spree before you take your last gasp? Slaughter Party is guaranteed to be a campy-fun experience, whether your survive or not!

Instead of playing as a Rogue or a Druid or a Paladin, Slaughter Party lets you choose archetypal character classes like "The Golden Child," "The Badass," "The Nerd," "The Jock," and so on. You can think of it in a way as a gamified version of Cabin in the Woods. You can check out the Beta Rules for the game here.

Full disclosure: I'm inclined to like this game because it's the brainchild of one of my best friends, Andy Michaels (who also makes music as Atomic Ghost, which some of you have enjoyed on this very site; there's a Kickstarter reward for an Atomic Ghost soundtrack to go along with the game, too). I've played many an RPG with Andy, and he always goes above-and-beyond with his world building. Slaughter Party also features some original artwork by Dave Ganjamie, who was the artist on my iCthulhu comic book short (and a fantastic tattoo artist!)

This means I can also vouch that your slasher film RPG dreams will actually come true with this campaign.

Slaughter Party [Andy Michaels / Kickstarter]