Facts I didn't know about oatmeal

Humans have been dehusking, steaming, and flatting oats to make oatmeal for millennia. Here are some facts I learned about my favorite breakfast!

  1. In Quaker Instant Oatmeal, the "strawberries" and "peaches" used to be dehydrated apples, and the "blueberries" dehydrated figs. The company now uses the fruits it advertises.
  2. Speaking of Quaker, their 35% Less Sugar Oatmeal contains 35% less oatmeal per packet despite being the same price as the regular version. That's one way to reduce the sugar, I guess.
  3. Quaker Oats Company and MIT took part in a study in the 1940s and 1950s that involved giving radioactive oatmeal to boys with disabilities. They didn't obtain proper consent, and paid a $1.85-million settlement decades later.
  4. This makes cereal box toys look like nothing. In 1902, some Quaker Oatmeal customers won coupons redeemable for a small plot of land in Milford, Conneticut. They became known as "oatmeal plots."
  5.  Nickelodeon's green slime is an edible mixture of vanilla pudding, oatmeal, applesauce, and green food coloring. You can make it at home!

Update: Quaker now uses the fruits it advertises.