Test-takers busted for using Bluetooth-connected flip-flops to cheat

Dozens of people taking an exam to be teachers in India were caught using flip-flops with wireless communication devices hidden inside. The cheaters wore small Bluetooth earpieces deep in their ear to avoid detection.

The sandals are made by organized criminal gangs and sell for about $8000 a pair.

From The National:

"The slippers had a sim card and the candidates had a tiny Bluetooth bug implanted in their ears. In one case, we had to take a doctor's intervention to find the bug as it was so deeply implanted," one police officer told The National.

The cheaters' plan was to have accomplices on the outside call their flip flops so they could discreetly dictate the answers to them and then receive the answers in return. Only some of the would-be teachers started acting strangely before entering the exam halls, which prompted an extra thorough search that revealed the high-tech footwear.

Photo: Rajasthan Police