Sharpen your spreadsheet skills with 40% off these Microsoft Excel classes

With a hot job market putting power in workers' hands to advocate for pay increases, now's the time to beef up your certifications and skills with one of these course bundles. Offer a more competitive job application when your resume levels up thanks to your new Microsoft and Google certifications. Plus, you'll save 40% on all of these course bundles when you apply code VIP40 at checkout.

The Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle – $41.99; originally $2,376

This bundle of 24 courses—many of which are rated 4+ out of 5 stars—will get anyone up to speed on all Microsoft Excel has to offer in 2021. Spend 90 hours working at your own pace to get to the bottom of pivot tables, data visualization, and more.

The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle – $23.99; originally $648

Welcome beginners to advanced users to these eight Excel courses that have something for everyone. Even Mac users are included in the cross-platform course "Excel Beginner 2019 for Mac."

The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle – $17.99; originally $450

Take your Excel skills to the next level with this Data Analyst course bundle that covers Excel, Python, and more. With five courses and almost 30 hours of content, you'll be ready to work on analytics in any position thanks to this 4+ out of 5 stars bundle.

The Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Certification Training Bundle – $26.99; originally $2,600

Data science is a skill that you can't go wrong in cultivating, which makes this Excel, VBA, and Data Science certification bundle ideal for those looking to strengthen their resume. Spend 55 hours learning the ins and outs of these hot certifications and more.

The 2021 Excel to Alteryx Data Analyst Essentials Bundle – $17.99; originally $348

If you're a data analyst looking to learn more about the tools in Excel that can make your job easier, look no further than the Alteryx bundle. In just over 20 hours, you'll break down the tools like pivot tables that make analysis accurate and efficient.

The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle – $20.39; originally $2,000

Don't go chasing down multiple courses when you can get everything you need for learning Excel in this All-in-One bundle. These 10 courses break down the basics and get you ready for real-world Excel use for things like stocks and HR analytics.

The Essential Excel for Beginners Course – $5.99; originally $100

Want a one-and-done Excel course? You'll find it in the Essential Excel for Beginners Course. This 4.8 out of 5-star course takes you through the basics in 7.5 hours so you can get up and running in no time. With an instructor rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, students responded positively to the Stream Skill course instruction.

The Must-Have Microsoft Excel for Business Analysts Course – $5.99; originally $99

Companies revolve around the information business analysts bring forward, so it's important to give analysts the best training possible like this "Must-Have" course. In just five hours, analysts can learn to merge data, use pivot charts to display data, and conduct a linear forecast.

The 2021 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Certification Bundle – $26.99; originally $2,400

Get an Excel Business Intelligence certification with this 12-course bundle when you deep dive into advanced formulas and functions, financial modeling, and more. Learn real applications of Excel and use it like a professional when you cover the courses included in this bundle.

The Premium Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle – $23.99; originally $2,200

Get proficient in more than one spreadsheet application when you take the Premium Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle over the course of 18 hours. Master functions in both Sheets and Excel so that you're ready to analyze data no matter which software ecosystem you find yourself operating within.