Disneyland to replace Main Street camera store with a year-round holiday trinket shop

For a very long time, Disneyland's former Main Street camera shop was really just a place to go review Photo Pass photos and look at some cute Disney-themed frames or books. I can not recall the last time I bought a roll of 35mm film in the park.

In an attempt to ensure every square inch of Main Street USA possible is used for effective merchandising, Disney has closed the camera shop, removed the badging, and will be replacing it with a Holiday shop.

I wonder what homage to the camera store will live on?

Honestly, a smartphone battery pack and other phone stuff store would seem to be a sensical successor. Camera phones killed the booming tiny digital camera market, which killed off film cameras. People looking for charging would likely benefit from something right on Main Street and expect to be sold something, not pointed to free chargers.