Gentleman posted photo of catalytic converter for sale online seemingly unaware of huge bag of meth in the background

A gentleman in Stone County, Missouri posted a fine-looking catalytic converter for sale, new in box, on Facebook, Marketplace last week. Not included in the listed price was the huge bag of methamphetamine, needle, syringe, or spoon visible on the coffee table in the background. A potential buyer saw the photo and called the fuzz. From a police social media post about the incident:

"Today we arrived at this gentleman's house with a search warrant. You can imagine his surprise!! He still had 48 grams of meth and a pistol that he is forbidden to own! We have now provided him a new place to stay. Sorry folks, his catalytic converters are not for sale right now.

"Take note, if you are selling items on social media, make sure your drugs are not in the background!"