The original Poohsticks Bridge from Winnie the Pooh is for sale

The rickety 1907 bridge that became famous from AA Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh stories is going up for auction. Originally known as Posingford Bridge and later renamed Poohsticks Bridge, it was replaced in 1999 by a recreation that could handle all the tourist visits. It's now been repaired using local oak and estimated to hit as much as £60,000, but I bet it'll go higher. From Summers Place Auctions:

Originally known as Posingford Bridge, Christopher Robin played  on it as a child in the 1920's with his father, the author A.A. Milne, inventing  the game of Pooh sticks which provided the  inspiration  for the  subsequent books.  

First mentioned in The House at Pooh Corner It  describes how Pooh accidentally drops a pine cone into a river from a bridge and after watching how it appeared on the other side of the bridge, devises the rules for Poohsticks. It subsequently appeared in later books being played by the  other main characters, Christopher Robin, Eeyore and Tigger and was immortalised in E.H Shepard's illustrations.