Don't let Glenn Trumpkin fool you, new ad warns

"Who is Glenn Youngkin?" a new Lincoln Project ad asks. "Depends on where he is that day."

Although he's running for governor as a moderate Republican in the northern part of Virginia, who "won't tell the truth about abortion and gun control," just drive south to find the real Youngkin, better known as Glenn Trumpkin.

Chumming up to the likes of Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, and Greg Abbott, this Qnut believes in the same mythology that the rest of the Trumpers do, including the tale that King Trump will be re-installed any day now.

Don't let Youngkin, who's running a tight gubernatorial race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, fool you. "He may be Glenn Youngkin in northern Virginia," the ad warns, "but he's Glenn Trumpkin everywhere else."

Virginia's general election will be held November 2.