An accused murderer is afraid his Confederate-themed license plate might identify him as a racist

A white dude accused of murdering a black man for jogging does not want the court to admit his Confederate 'themed' license plates as evidence of his racism.

The Root:

Travis McMichael, a craka accused of joining his daddy in a chase that ended in a Black man's death, wants the court to ban a photo of his license plate, which included a Confederate Flag emblem, ahead of his upcoming trial in the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

Prosecutors, obviously, do not want to the photo to be banned, arguing that the state deny the motion because the plates were on the truck at the time of the shooting when Arbery was killed, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

"Defendant Travis Michael's choice, and the fact that this vanity plate was on the front of his pick-up truck on Feb. 23, 2020, are intrinsic evidence in this case and can be fully be used by the State to illustrate the intent and motive of Travis McMichael," according to the motion.

Apparently, the judge was having none of another attempt to convince the jury the case is about the victim:

The judge also said that a registered nurse's "highly questionable diagnosis" that Arbery suffered from mental illness during a visit to a mental health services provider in 2018 could prejudice a trial jury unfairly.