Check out Michael Hearst's song: "Ode to Odd Instruments"

Musician Michael Hearst composed a lovely short song using a bunch of instruments I've never heard of:

  • Space Crickets (made by Dan Steinberg)
  • Aquaphone (made by Dan Steinberg)
  • Peavy Patriot electric bass guitar (purchased for $75 from a Navy dude in Norfolk, VA in 1990.)
  • Electric chord organ (Magnus Organ Corp. Bought on eBay.)
  • Plastic hand clapper (Post – Hovedsponsor for Dansk Cykelsport – found on street.)
  • Hohner Claviola (designed by Ernst Zacharias in the 1960s, built by Hohner in the 1990s.)
  • Yamaha Club Jordan cocktail drum kit (Produced by Steve Jordan. Traded from Jim Thompson.)
  • Knockman "Pororon" (Another Maywa Denki instrument/toy.)
  • Agogô bell (At least I think that's what it's called?)
  • Melodica child's clarinet (Found it on the street. Yes, I cleaned it first.)
  • Hammered Dulcimer (Very kindly given to me by author Jane Smiley.)
  • Bagpipe practice chanter (Found this in a shop in Sibiu, Romania in 2001.)