Mustard wine is now being made by Grey Poupon

They sold pretentiousness in the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 1980's and we bought it and bought into it. They showed us chauffeured rich dudes in Rolls-Royces, one borrowing Grey Poupon dijon mustard at a stop light from the other. "But of course" the adjacent 1-percenter has Grey Poupon on hand to lend. That's what the pampered use. A very effective ad.

But wait, that spicier kind of mustard is available to me? Good heavens! I'm living a part of the sweet life those old rich dudes are living. Why not take this kind of refinement and offer it in another product of the snooty? Wine. Godforsaken mustard wine. But of course, the Grey Poupon itself contains white wine, why not just flip the ratio and make it more wine than mustard for a brand new offering.

via CNN:

The full-bodied wine is infused with Grey Poupon mustard seeds and uses Viognier grapes from southern France. Kraft Heinz added that the wine features "bright hints of spice and pronounced citrus" and "floral characteristics" making it ideal to pair with charcuterie boards, sandwiches or even Grey Poupon itself.

Now, I have not had this mustard wine, nor have I had its red counterpart "ketchup wine", which to my knowledge only exists as a prison hooch, but both sound…not good. But of course, I need to reserve judgment before trying this concoction, which as an infrequent wine drinker I doubt I'm running out and getting this $30 bottle any time soon, even if it comes with a bottle of the mustard, which it does. Now, if I'm at a barbecue and Grey Poupon wine is being served I will happily see how it pairs with bratwurst and potato salad.

Are the floodgates open to other condiment alcohol infusions like Miracle Whip scotch or relish cognac? Hopefully not.