A toilet found in Jerusalem is older than Jesus

The Associated Press reports that a 2700-year-old toilet was recently unearthed in Jerusalem — an incredibly rare find!

Israeli archaeologists have found a rare ancient toilet in Jerusalem dating back more than 2,700 years, when private bathrooms were a luxury in the holy city, authorities said Tuesday.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority said the smooth, carved limestone toilet was found in a rectangular cabin that was part of a sprawling mansion overlooking what is now the Old City. It was designed for comfortable sitting, with a deep septic tank dug underneath.

This kind of private toilet was a luxury reserved for the rich, so chances are that Jesus did not take a holy shit in it some 732 years later (unless he did so shortly after beating up those bankers, just to prove a point).

The archaeologists also discovered some animal bones and pottery in the septic tank, which could illuminate some new information about lifestyles, diets, and disease in Jerusalem at that time, which is kinda cool.

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