Rep. Weyler resigns from budget committee after lunatic claims about Covid vaccine

State Rep. Ken Weyler (Q–NH), who spread some of the most outlandish Covid misinformation, resigned from his Chairman position of the State House Budget Committee today. This was after the fully grown politician flooded his colleagues' email boxes with child-like fantastical fears, including a frantic 52-page report about vaccines that contained "octopus-like creatures" and 5G technology meant for mind-control (see video below).

Weyler's email also blasted the Catholic Church, calling the "criminal network" satanists and "Luciferans." And that's not all. According to the Daily Beast, Weyler's report said that vaccinated parents in Mexico were giving birth to "transhuman" babies with "pitch black eyes."

From Daily Beast:

The report additionally made the wild suggestion that the babies of vaccinated parents in Mexico were "transhuman"—born with "pitch-black eyes" and undergoing accelerated aging.

"It's all one huge puppet theatre, where the majority of the people—even most of those who are complicit —haven't got the slightest clue what is going on, and how everyone is being played," the report states.

Even Governor Chris Sununu, a Repubican, was taken aback, calling Weyler's claims "dangerous" and a "detachment from reality." But not all republicans were happy to see him step down from his Committee position.

From nhpr:

In a statement, House Speaker Sherman Packard, Republican from Londonderry, said he "reluctantly" accepted Weyler's resignation from his post. Top New Hampshire Democrats and Gov. Chris Sununu had called for him to be stripped of the Finance Committee chairmanship, among the most influential positions in the Legislature.

"[Weyler] realizes his error in judgment and recognizes it has compromised his ability to lead the House Finance Committee and Joint Fiscal Committee both now and moving forward," Packard said.

And to think this lunatic is still a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Here's a video posted on Oct 5, before resigning from his committee: