Save 10% on a portable camping chair that expands from bottle size

Camping has come a long way since just a generation ago, and "roughing it" doesn't need to be so rough these days. It also doesn't need to be as complicated, as big bulky bags and over-the-car cases aren't required if you're doing it right.

When packing up for your next outdoor trip, don't neglect your bottom. The CLIQ Portable Camping Chair has you covered with a spot to sit anytime and anywhere you need it. Bottle-sized, low profile, and lightweight, this collapsible chair is a perfect accessory for camping, spending time at the beach, attending an outdoor event, or simply hanging in the backyard with some friends.

The CLIQ Portable Camping Chair carries an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars and Forbes reviewed it as a product that "can comfortably seat a full-sized adult and, owing to its small folded size, is easier to carry than most". Weighing less than four pounds, it's easily portable and requires very little space, allowing you to pack the car with everything else you might need. Once you're ready to use the chair, it simply unfolds from a compact size that is approximately the size of a water bottle.

A five-second setup eliminates any frustrations caused that can be caused by similar foldable seats. It's as easy as pushing a button, extending the arms, sitting down, and enjoying some instant relief. When the weather turns nasty and the ground gets mushy, this char will keep you high and dry. Featuring four legs and a tip-proof design, it won't leave you messy in the mud, situated a foot above that ground. Finally, twice stitched ripstop ballistic nylon and double seams ensure durability, and it's built to supply lumbar support. 

Upgrade your next outdoor adventure by picking up the CLIQ Portable Camping Chair for $89.99, or 10% off.