Watch: Diners have a grand old time eating while wet at a flooded cafe in Thailand

After a tropical storm and monsoon rains hit a riverside cafe near Bangkok, its outdoor seating area was flooded. And it remained so due to the river's higher water levels. But rather than shut down, Chaopraya Antique Café turned it into a "hot-pot surfing" experience that customers are clamoring to take. Things get especially fun when a boat speeds by, creating waves as high as 20 inches, according to AP. This is when some customers, who don't want to get that wet, choose to jump on their benches.

From AP:

Shortly after the water tops the parapet, the first diners arrive. Before long, the deck is crammed with carefree customers happily tucking in as if dining in a deluge is the norm.

The wait staff -– some clad in rubber boots — step gingerly through the swirl that quickly rises to more than 50 centimeters (20 inches).

Coming straight after a monthslong coronavirus shutdown, it could have spelled disaster. Instead -– boosted by publicity in the Thai media — it's now so popular that customers need to make reservations.