January 6 picketer gets teary eyed in court: "No one wants to hire me"

Robert Reeder, who pleaded guilty to unlawfully parading, demonstrating and picketing the Capitol on January 6, had tears in his eye when he told the court how hard life has been after he was arrested for participating in the deadly domestic terrorists attack. "I've lost my job," Reeder said, according to Scott McFarlane who attended the sentencing. "I'm radioactive. No one wants to hire me. They just have to Google my name." Reeder was sentenced to three months in federal prison.

From Raw Story:

Reeder also said that he's not welcome to serve as a local Boy Scout master and sports coach anymore, and that even his church has told him to stay away and "not be a distraction" for the time being.

MacFarlane writes that the judge overseeing the case, however, didn't fully buy Reeder's contrition.

"It's become evident to me in the riot cases, many of the defendants who are pleading guilty are not truly accepting responsibility," he said. "They seem to trying to get this out of the way as quickly as possible."

[image: justice.gov]