Win your kitty's affection with this must-have interactive cat toy

If you had it your way, you'd spend all day, every day cuddling on the couch, giving your favorite little kitty pets and treats forever. Unfortunately, life isn't that simple, and date nights, long days at work, and trips to the store can leave your cat hanging out alone, entering an endless void in hopes that they'll find someone to play with. It just doesn't get sadder than that.

Sure, cat trees and scratching posts are great, but they don't exactly provide entertainment for your cat. That's why interactive toys, like this Cheerble Ice Cream Ball, can provide your feline with the stimulation it needs, keeping it happy and content while you're not around. 

Unlike other cat toys out there, this "ice cream ball" isn't made of cheap materials that could potentially threaten your cat's health. In fact, it's made of 100% pet-safe silicone and other durable materials, so you never have to worry about their safety. Kitties love the ball's interchangeable normal, passive, and active modes that give them different styles of play, keeping them engaged and having fun.

Even if you're home while your cat paws and pushes the ice cream ball around, it'll never make a loud ruckus. Plus, thanks to its smartly designed 6-axis balance sensor, it won't cause damage to surrounding walls or furniture. The ball is also chargeable, providing your four-legged friend with four hours of play per charge. And don't worry, when it is time to gas up again, the toy's built-in LED lights will let you know when it's almost out of juice.

From its safe make to its bouncy, playful nature, cat-owners can't say enough great things about the Cheerble Ice Cream Ball, calling it a "brilliant cat toy," and "awesome for kittens." And when the cats are happy, you're happy. What could be better?

Save just over 15% and get the Cheerble Ice Cream Ball Smart Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats & Kittens for just $29.99.