Build your own unique wristwatch with $45 off this Kickstarter-backed DIY kit

Bespoke items are all the rage these days. That means consumers are leaning towards purchasing pieces that are made just for them rather than buying cookie-cutter, mass-produced products that have little to no personality. From custom-made clothing to housewares, these bespoke products add a unique touch that highlights a person's individuality. One such item that is gaining popularity in a big way is with watches.

The Rotate DIY Watchmaking Kit can assist you in building your own mechanical watches so you have a truly unique accessory that stands out.

Rotate was founded by watchmakers and artisans dedicated to keeping the analog timepiece alive. Their comprehensive guide included with every watchmaking kit gives you step-by-step instructions that will have you building your own watch just like a professional. With five styles to choose from, you can really let your individuality shine through with your choice of kit.

Each one of the five kits available features a design that gives you the versatility to work with any wardrobe for any occasion. If you want a more classic leather band look, you can go with The Edison or The Wright. For something a little more modern, The Galileo may be what you're looking for. Or, if you prefer the look of a metal bracelet, you can go with the gold of The Eiffel or the stainless steel of The Newton. There's a choice for everyone, so you can fit your hand-built watch into your already unique style.

Each watch and kit include a hand-wound battery (you won't need to purchase external batteries!), a 44mm case diameter that's crystal clear for an unimpeded view of the time, and a sapphire glass case to store your watch in.

Rotate was successfully funded on Kickstarter by 479 backers pledging over $91,000 so you know it's a true grassroots company dedicated to keeping classic watches alive in this digital age.

Right now, BoingBoing readers can grab the Rotate DIY Watchmaking Kit for 23% off at only $149.99.