Channel your inner Van Gogh with these online painting courses

If you're new to the painting game, sitting in the middle of a crowded (and likely expensive) art class, only to feel judged by your fellow art peers, sounds like pure nightmare material. In order to express yourself, through painting or any art form, you should feel safe and supported, which is why online classes that let you go at your own pace and experiment in confidence is about as good as it gets. 

If you're looking to channel your inner Degas or Van Gogh, do yourself a favor and indulge in The Ultimate 2022 Learn to Paint Bundle. In addition to it being way more affordable than fancy art classes in a traditional classroom, this six-course program lets you explore a wide range of painting styles, including digital painting through virtual reality and even "adult coloring."

Whether you painted a few things back in college or are strictly a "paint by numbers" type of artist, these courses are all designed for painters of all levels, even those who are just picking up a brush for the very first time. There's even a whole course dedicated to the basic introduction to the art of painting, providing you with a basic foundation in the use of color, value, edges, and shapes. 

There are also more unconventional courses in this e-learning bundle, including an introductory course to virtual reality painting through the Google Tilt Brush, allowing you to "step into your paintings" and assess scale, lighting, and more. There is also a course that explores the idea of "adult coloring" as a therapeutic tool, letting you create your own mind maps and shift physical, mental, and energetic imbalances in a holistic, and quite frankly, fun way.

Having carefully curated more than 2,000 online video courses, the Skill Success e-learning hub gives students the opportunity to master new skills at their own pace, right from their own computers. Plus, each course is led by expert instructors with vast experience on the topic at hand, providing learners with easy-to-follow lesson plans, fun yet informative quizzes and exercises, and so much more. 

Get your creative juices flowing with The Ultimate 2022 Learn to Paint Bundle, now just $19.99 — that's less than $4 bucks a class!