Become a Linux pro with this online training package for under $20

Not super familiar with Linux? That's because, only until recent years, Linux was considered a secondary operating system behind Windows and macOS. But these days, this platform proves to be an incredible asset for people working in different fields thanks to the fact that it boasts a higher level of security, its software is easy to install, and it's typically completely free to use (which you can't say about many other operating systems).

Even if you're somewhat familiar with Linux, it holds many different advantages and features you could be missing out on simply because you're not well-versed in how to navigate the operating system. But don't worry, this Linux learning bundle is here to save the day and make your life a whole lot easier. 

Comprised of eight different online curses, the Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle shows you exactly how to put this operating system to good use, along with other productivity-based functions and programs, including Bash Shell, SSH, Putty, Git, and YAML. And the best part? You can complete each course at your own pace, right from the comfort of your own computer, no classroom required.

Each high-rated course is led by the team of expert instructors behind Coding Gears, a trustworthy e-learning hub that's been in the IT training business for many years. From software development and testing to database management systems and storage and file systems, the experienced instructors leading these Linux courses offer students a firsthand look into the popular systems, helping them to add value to their professional skills and open doors to new opportunities in their respected fields.

Students that take part in the bundle can expect to add "Git expert" to their resumes thanks to the program's multiple courses focused on the mastery of this platform. From managing personal projects to developing skills to search, rewrite history, and reset in Git, you'll learn how to handle projects with ease and become certified in its many systems and functions. 

Right now, The Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle is discounted to a mere $19, equating to less than $3 bucks a course.