Bill Maher's prediction about Trump's "slow coup" could easily happen

Don't count Trump out, says Bill Maher. "Here's the easiest three predictions predictions in the word. Trump will run in 2024. He will get the Republican nomination. And whatever happens on election night, the next day he will announce that he won." Ever since Biden took office days Maher, Trump has been busy purging the GOP of the few people in the party who didn't say Trump won in 2021 and supporting GOP-led state legislatures bills to give them them power to overrule election results.

When it comes to the 2024 election, Maher says Democrats are "living in a dream world."

2024 comes and Democrats treat it as a normal election year. They are living in a dream world, where their choice of candidate matters; their policies matter; the number of votes they get matters. None of it does.

I won't even predict who the Democratic nominee will be. Because it doesn't matter. It could be Biden. It could be Harris, it could be Amy Klobuchar could be Timothée Chalamet. As long as they have a "D" by their name, they will be portrayed as the leader of the army of Satan.

But even if they win, Trump won't accept it. But this time, his claims of illegal voting by immigrants, or mail-in ballots coming in after the deadline, or the system was hacked by Venezuela, or whatever Giuliani comes up with on the fly, they will be fully embraced by the stooges he's installing right now.

December 16, 2024. This is the day electors gather to vote for President, Arizona and Wisconsin both send a slate of bogus Trump electors, setting up a showdown on January 6, and daring Kamala Harris to do what Trumpers wanted Mike Pence to do —throw out election results. The difference being, this time, those results really are phony. And this time, it's not just 600 diabetic Fox News junkies and a nut in a Viking helmet. Ten million Trump voters have signed a pledge to come to Washington, of course, nine-and-a-half million flake. But half-a-million still show up and they're heavily armed and incensed when Harris does what Mike Pence wouldn't. Demonstrations grow in the streets. The kind of antifa-versus-Proud-Boy violence we've seen in Portland erupts across the country.

People are afraid to go out anywhere where their political tribe isn't in the majority, which hurts commerce. The stock market is spooked by the unrest and tumbles as Inauguration Day approaches. President Biden is under extraordinary pressure to do something to stop the coup before his authority over the military and the Justice Department evaporates at noon on January 20.

What happens when two presidential candidates show up on Inauguration Day, both expecting to be sworn in like a bad sitcom pilot? The ding dongs who sacked the Capitol last year? That was like when al Qaeda tried to take down the World Trade Center the first time with a van. It was a joke. But the next time they came back with planes.

I hope I scared the shit out of you. Thank you very much.