Grab this Valfaris And Slain: Back From Hell Video Game Bundle for $10 to make your gory dreams come true

If you've learned anything over the past almost two years, it's that video games are much easier to beat than they once were. (Or you just had way too much time on your hands to learn the skills to finish them as a kid. Whatever, it's a serotonin boost). Okay, so now what? Sounds like you could use a new game or two to keep you busy until people start talking sense and learn how to act. This Valfaris And Slain: Back From Hell Bundle should feed that need.

Alright gore gamers, here's what you get with the Back From Hell Bundle. With not one, but two hot action titles, these are the most metal games to come out from creators Big Sugar and developer Steel Mantis. Let's start off with the first of the two, Valfaris. This 2D action-platformer forged from heavy metal allows you to wield an array of deadly weaponry as you enter (with no caution, of course) the fortress of Valfaris. You'll reduce foes to piles of gibs into smithereens with an array of brutal, yet lifelike weaponry while exploring a ton of different environments as the game becomes more difficult.

The soundtrack was created by none other than extreme metaller and former Celtic Frost guitarist Curt Victor Bryant, who brings your ears to a place they have never ventured before, and the pixel art is hand-crafted by the ultra-talented Andrew Gilmour.

In Slain: Back from Hell, you'll enjoy a quiet arcade combat game for you and the famil—just kidding it's totally filled with exclusively heavy metal action. You'll fight through a Gothic world and claw your way around the overlords to finish your quest … or fail and die gruesomely. The game includes about six hours of gory fun for you and your buds to enjoy on the days that are just feeling a little too wholesome for your liking. This full soundtrack is also recorded by Curt Victor Bryant formally of Celtic Frost.

See what Metacritic, The Digital Fix, Saving Content, Boomstick Gaming, RageQuitGR, and RageQuitGR are all raving about. Get the Valfaris And Slain: Back From Hell Bundle for $9.99, or 73% off.