Have fun while a creepy 'train with a face' stalks you on a gloomy island

I will be playing Choo Choo Charles.

I have always been certain that Sir Topham Hatt is up to some serious no good. This video appears a nightmare had by a kid who grew up playing Thomas the Tank engine. In Choo Choo Charles a scary AF train with spider legs chases you, and you run…

PC Gamer:

Last week, the internet responded with terrified glee to the reveal of Choo-Choo Charles, the upcoming novelty survival horror game that finally confirms our long-standing fears about trains with faces. With its announcement trailer chugging through a couple million views across Twitter, we spoke to the game's creator and developer, Gavin Eisenbeisz, about his background and how he's handling the sudden attention, and learned more about how the game will work.

It's been a little bit stressful, although I think the stress is mostly adrenaline.

Eisenbeisz shared a few additional gameplay details for Choo-Choo Charles, including some of the areas that make up its open-world island setting. You'll explore forested areas, beaches, and mountains, as well as villages inhabited by the paper-doll NPCs shown in the trailer. As you do, you'll be hunted by Charles, and initially you'll only be able to evade or repel him.

"My idea is that, you know, every maybe five, 10 minutes, every so often Charles will go on the prowl and try to hunt you down," says Eisenbeisz. "And so your goal in that moment, as soon as he latches onto you and starts, your goal is simply to escape or to scare him away."

After upgrading your train with scrap gathered from the world and earned from NPCs, you'll eventually battle Charles on your own terms by summoning him for "a final duel." At that point, he won't run away anymore. It'll be a "duel to the death."