Upgrade your adorable little thermal printer with an internet link

Tinyprinter.club is a how-to guide and online community for people who upgrade tiny thermal printers (such as the Paperang [Amazon]) to become Little Printers, an internet-connected model that is no longer sold. The idea is that the printer becomes the node of a more tangible kind of social/art network.

What you'll need

· A thermal printer, like the Paperang P1.
· There are several places where you can buy one: Amazon (US, UK, DE), Thepaperang, Paperangprint, Aliexpress and so on. Don't forget to buy a few rolls of paper for it; you can find them in many colors, and sticker paper is especially fun!
· As an alternative, you can use any thermal printer that uses the ESC/POS protocol. This guide was written with the Paperang in mind, but you can skip the irrelevant bits and use the escpos driver in sirius-client.
Ideally, a Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth, but we've tested this with a Mac as well, and with some tweaks, it should work on any computer with Bluetooth running *nix.
· Node.js 10, Yarn, Python 3.7, Docker.
· An iPhone for the app, but you can use the web client as well (with reduced functionality).