Watch the first trailer THE INFORMATION WAR, a new satire inspired by Alex Jones

Last August, I shared the IndieGoGo campaign for The Information War, a satirical web series created by my friend Chris D'Amato, who appears in the role of Alex Jones. He and his creative/producing partner, Louis Aquiler, just completed the first trailer for the upcoming show, and it's hilariously haunting. Here's what I wrote about the script last year:

As much as The Information War makes a caricature out of Jones himself, it also works as a sort of black mirror for the audience to reflect on the worst instincts of American culture, and themselves.

Also D'Amato's impression of Jones is eerily perfect.

I still stand by that statement.

I'm not sure when exactly the series will be released, but here's the official description:

America. Present Day- the age of misinformation. Madness has besieged the nation. What is fact? What is fake news? One thing is certain: There is a war on for your mind. Famed alt-right conspiracy theorist and radio personality Alex Jones, has made an excellent living for himself capitalizing on the fears and paranoia of an increasingly divided populace. From his "InfoWars" studio in Austin Texas, Alex is not only going to foil the globalist scheme to poison, cripple, and enslave the population, but he's going to sell you bottles of "Super-Male Vitality" and "Caveman True Paleo Formula Bone-broth" while he does it. Little does Alex know however, that the frenetic fervor he has whipped up among his followers has physically manifested itself into something dark, powerful, and very alive. A great evil has been birthed into this earthly realm, and Mr. Jones is about to be thrust to the front lines of a new kind of war where his wealth, marriage, sanity, and our entire civilization hang in the balance.