Watch this AT&T ad boasting of its creepy far right OAN support (parody but true)

OANN (One America News Network, aka OAN), self-described as the "greatest supporters" of Trump, is so right of the right they laughably call Fox "anti-Trump" and accuse the radically conservative Newsmax as being a "left-leaning organization." So when Reuters reported last week that AT&T helped create and support OAN, and is responsible for 90% of its propaganda, Lincoln Project generously donated their time to create this updated ad for the folksy phone and internet provider.

AT&T, the largest communications provider on the planet, not only connects families and friends, it also "helps fund One America News Network," the ad's narrator boasts. "OANN is a streaming channel that hires radical white nationalists as hosts, cheers the Capitol attacks, and promotes Covid-19 conspiracy theories."

The ad lets us in on what we pay for when we sign up for AT&T, including "OANN host Pearson Sharp to call for mass executions," and "funding politicians like Texas governor Greg Abbott, who pushes radical new laws against voting rights and women's rights."

Wrapping up with its tagline, "AT&T, funding sedition, suppression, and of course, One America News Network," the ad parodies AT&T's false altruism to such a tee, I almost missed it on the first view, mistaking it for a real AT&T ad—which it might as well be.