AP: Two Atlanta-area election workers fired after shredding voter applications

300 voter registrator applications were shredded in Fulton County, Georgia—covering more than 1m Atlanta residents—and two election workers were fired after being accused of destorying the paperwork. It's not clear if the applications were processed.

Preliminary information indicates that the employees checked out batches of applications for processing, and they are alleged to have shredded some of the forms, the Fulton County statement says. Fellow employees reported the alleged actions to their supervisor Friday morning, and the two employees were fired that day. … "Normally, processing a voter registration application involves entering them in the state system, updating them, verifying their information," she said. "That is the matter that's under investigation — was that process completed."

The political motives everyone's looking for aren't clear (registration is nonpartisan) but the AP reports that Fulton County's elections are often run poorly and that the GOP is eager to end county control of them and apply statewide voter restrictions there.