Produce high-quality photos for work and play with $60 off this pocket-sized photo printer

With the invention of things like Airdrop, cloud sharing, and Bluetooth, whipping out photos from your wallet and sharing them with the world has become a thing of the past. Sure, technology has done some pretty amazing things, but the novelty of being able to physically show someone a picture of Fluffy or Fido doing that super cute thing no one believes he does is impossible. If you're a fan of the classics, tangible photos may be your thing. This PoooliPrint L1 Inkless Pocket Printer allows you to share real photos with just one click.

Okay photo fiends, here's what you need to know about The PoooliPrint™ L1 Inkless Pocket Printer: With a  1.9-inch (48mm) printing width, 200dpi definition, and a 24 hour charge, you'll get the highest quality images outside of a printing studio and inside of a pocket.

Beyond that, this printer also saves you a ton of cash. That's because, while other printers require a boatload of ink, you'll never have to splurge for ink with this bad boy. Using ZeroInk technology, this printer lets you share your printable images time and time again with just the push of a button and in seconds flat. The detachable magnet beak at the top allows you to display your work on any table, board room desk, or fridge to give any passerby an inside look of what you can accomplish all from the comfort of your pocket. 

This deal also comes with a few accessories, including a super sick editing app. In case you're not totally satisfied with your end result, the Poooli App allows you to make edits and changes straight from your smartphone. That way it's okay to admit you made some errors in your visions, you just need one minute to pretend like they never existed. Also included is a ton of printer paper, so you can work worry-free knowing you'll be good on canvas for a long while. Even if you're trying to impress the whole office daily with individualized pieces of art, this kit will still give you enough juice to put you in the running for employee of the month (maybe even year).

Get the PoooliPrint L1 Inkless Pocket Printer Bundle, which includes three sticky white paper rolls, three pink-colored paper rolls, a regular white paper roll, a semi-transparent paper roll, a charging cable, and a magnetic beak for $104.99.