The woman who fell in love with NASA's LSD-dosed and sex-addicted dolphin

In the 1960s, NASA funded a study called "Mind of the Dolphin," with the goal of understanding how dolphins think and communicate. The neuroscientist in charge of the project, John Lilly, decided to set up the experiment by pairing a woman and a dolphin to live together for an extended period of time, while also giving the dolphin LSD. It turned out to be a poor idea.

From History of Yesterday:

After 2 weeks into the experiment, Margret and Peter were living a normal life together, but there were no promising results as of yet. So Doctor Lilly decided to give the dolphin some LSD to stimulate Peter's brain in order to get quicker results or even better results. This did actually have an effect on the dolphin as it made him uninterested in his communication lessons with Margret and actually made the dolphin horny, craving for Margret in a sexual manner.

Margaret Howe Lovatt working at her office whilst distracted by Peter the dolphin in 1967 (Source: BBC)
This Is where the experiment gets very weird and really mind-boggling. Peter eventually started nibbling Margaret's feet and legs, when his advances were not reciprocated, he became violent with Margaret. Seeing that Peter was getting no attention, he began courting Margaret by gently rubbing his teeth up and down her leg and showing off his genitals. What is even more disturbing is that Margaret reciprocated and started rubbing the dolphin's erection.

The dolphin suffered drawbacks from the LSD and died, possibly as a result of lung damage from the drug. And "John .C. Lilly, the neuroscientist overseeing the research lost both credibility and funding as this wrong turn of events reached the media."